Reposition traffic lights or use alternative traffic calming measures in Keptie Street

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Local residents and business owners have been given two weeks notice via a vague general letter that work will commence in Keptie Street, Arbroath.  After telephoning Angus Council for further details, the installation of signal controlled pedestrian crossing will commence 6th August 2018. 

The decision was taken after a meeting of Angus communities committee members following the fatal incident where an 81 year old lady was tragically knocked down and later died.

We have had no consultation or discussion, business owners or local residents, when this will have a profound effect on us all.

Road traffic statistics shows there has been one fatal and one slight injury accident involving pedestrians on Keptie Street over that past three years.  We agree something should be done to save further lives however the position chosen will have a detrimental effect on local businesses as they cannot park to take deliveries without incurring a £100 fine and 3 penalty points.  This means we can not continue to operate our businesses from this location if the plans go ahead creating uncertainty for the staff and likely unemployment.

There were other options presented to the committee that would have little effect on businesses and residents while making the street safe to cross.  Only the removal of parking bays would be effected.  Surely this option is better for all.

Surveys and street visits were carried out highlighting data that shows a crossing is not justified however several improvement options were put to the community councillors including the possible location options of a controlled crossing, between Helen Street and Garden Street or Garden Street and Lochlands Street as well as near the station by Catherine Street where over 10 years ago the council started work on a puffin crossing.  This work was abruptly halted after work was started due to the concerns about its location and the loss of 4 parking bays.

Current plans will see the removal of all parking bays between Gowan Street and Garden Street on the Keptie Bakery side of the street and halved on the other side.

No home owners of Keptie Street or business owners have been consulted at any point in the decision making regarding this matter which will effect their livelihoods.  The councillors said they voices were heard back in 2008 and that's the views they took into account!  We didn't own Keptie Bakery until 2010 and many other businesses have changed hands since then, this is unacceptable.

 We have not been invited to the meetings to voice our concerns or views.  We all agree that the road has become busier with cars often speeding on this stretch making it dangerous to cross but it is only fair and just that we should have been consulted and our concerns listened to before any decision was made.  They listened to the views of the grieving family as they should. They have experienced first hand how dangerous this road can be however business owners or residents should have had a chance to speak out also.  Is our opinion and business of such little importance?

If this was to go ahead in the chosen location, Keptie Bakery will be unable to deliver its own products baked fresh daily from their Letham shop/bakery and transported to the Arbroath premises.  We take delivery of 20 to 40 boards twice daily which are heavy containing delicate products.  In turn no products in our shop means no products to sell which will lead to job losses and business closure.  

We have been on this street for over 40 years and are an award winning local family business. This decision would put 6 members of our Arbroath shop out of work and have a detrimental effect on the outer business effecting the jobs of all 26 members of staff.  They have family's to support and bills to pay.  Surely we are entitled to voice our opinion before any decision should have been made.

We are only one of many businesses and local residents that this will effect and have a similar impact upon.

Our aim is to have the communities council put these plans on hold while they reconsider the implications in full of their current plans, listen to the local residents and business owners and explore other traffic calming options or the relocation of the traffic lights further up the street with all party's that it will effect.

Please help us with this.....let your voice be heard!