2 hours free parking on Angus Council Car Parks with coin operated parking meters

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Businesses across Angus are facing declining trade as a direct result of council imposed parking charges. Although we would like to have the meters taken out and parking charges abolished Angus Council have said categorically that they are here to stay so we would like to propose a compromise which we feel will allow Angus council to retain the meters but bring back much needed footfall to our local high streets. Also, the meters are complicated to work with no option to use coins to pay for parking, this has proven highly unpopular, particularly with elderly users. Another problematic area is the cost of resident parking permits which many feel are too high.

We would ask that a free 2hour period be given in all council owned car parks and that machines be modified to accept coin payment for parking. We would also ask that the cost of resident parking permits be reduced to £60 per annum with the option to pay by direct debit.We