Fenced Off Leash Park in Mortlake/Breakfast Point

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13 August 2018

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas

General Manager Peter Gainsford

Canada Bay Council 

1A Marlborough Street, Drummoyne 2046


Dear Mr Tsirekas and Mr Gainsford

We are writing to ask for your assistance regarding off-leash dog access to Breakfast Point Oval.

Although it is private property, we are hoping that the council may have the ability to influence the decision of the Breakfast Point Association to allow even limited use, with restricted hours, of the oval for the many dog-owners that live in the local area.

Otherwise, we request that a fenced off-leash area be provided, of large and adequate size, walking distance either within or from Breakfast Point that could incorporate these key features:

Clear signage about rules and expectations of the park, double gated system to keep pets safe as they enter and leave, hydration station, waste station, shade for both owners and dogs, seating for owners and fencing.

If indeed Breakfast Point Oval permits restricted hours access to the oval, then none of these would be required as it presently provides all that is needed for owners and their dogs.

Also noted, in the Council’s “Companion Animal Management Plan” on your website, the council recognises that issues such as those mentioned above need to be addressed.

At present we feel that Breakfast Point oval is by far the most ideal place, considering the amount of owners that would bring their dogs daily and the space required. In addition to this, especially during the week, the oval is highly under-utilised and we cannot simply understand why the oval is off limits to people who appreciate it, are diligent in their dog’s waste removal and it provides a real opportunity to enhance the community members ability to interact and socialise. It also improves cardivascular health, reduces boredom and stimulates minds as well as decreasing the barking of dogs who would potentially otherwise be a nuisance to neighbouring residents.

Most importantly is the “assistance for disadvantage residents” as there are many elderly, mobility compromised and even vision-impaired  people who are unable to walk their dogs distances that would provide adequate exercise. Often, these people can also be socially isolated because of their limitations and inability to drive, so the improvement in their well-being is one the biggest advantages that this would provide. Therefore, an enclosed off-leash area for these people and their dogs is absolutely essential.

Currently the closest fenced off-leash area is either in North Strathfield or Five Dock Park. According to the 2016 census, there are 27,647 residents in Breakfast Point and the surrounding suburbs that are not with walking distance of these.

Thank you for taking the above into consideration and we look forward to receiving your response.

Breakfast Point and Mortlake Doggy Meet up group.