"Balik kalinisan program"

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Improper waste disposal is one of the problem in this community. Because when the storm comes, there is a possibility that it will cause floods and ruin the property of people who live in that specific place. That's why, we the students as a young menbers of this community created the "Balik Kalinisan Program" that promote cleanliness and orderliness through providing trainings and seminars to the residents as a part of their responsibility in the community. The "Balik Kalinisan Program" will provide trash bins all the zones in Libertad Victoria N. Samar, to help in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness. The target number of trash bins is 120 and will divided into the 4 zones of Barangay and each zones there will be 3 trash bins in every street including biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recycled trash bins. 

"Balik Kalinisan Program play a crucial role in Brgy. Libertad Victoria N. Samar as it aims  and assist in keeping the environment clean and orderly.  It helps  the people to be responsible citizens. This project cannot stand on our efforts alone. Since we are still sudents but w/ your support especially on financial aspect this will be a success.

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