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Make Litter Locker Bags Compostable/Biodegradable

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Now that many municipalities are collecting compostable materials - including cat litter - it is time for the folks at LitterLocker to create refills for their device that are compostable as well.  It is a great system but, wastes bags when you have to cut the refill off the roll when it is full then transfer the contents to a compostable bag before depositing it in the compost bin.  The alternative is to dispose of the litter in the trash, which defeats the purpose of composting.  In any case, you do end up throwing the LitterLocker liner in the trash.

The LitterLocker site has a Q&A section which, in part states:

Are the LitterLocker refills biodegradable?
Unfortunately the LitterLocker bags are not biodegradable yet. The main advantage of our bags is their ability to lock in odours. This feature is not yet available with biodegradable bags.

This may be true but, the compostable bags I use in my slop bucket (made by Glad) do a pretty good job of keeping in odours so, come on LitterLocker, make a good product even better by making the refills compostable.

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