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Petition To Remove Edward Morris As Head Basketball Coach At Hillgrove High School!

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Parents, players, students, and community members are seeking to remove Coach Ed Morris from his position as Head Boys Basketball Coach at Hillgrove High School.

We are genuinely concerned about the incompetence Ed Morris has shown and how his coaching style has affected these young boys. There have been many voices over the years expressing the same concerns but those have been ignored. We will no longer be silent or stand idly by while our kids and friends are being mistreated.

We are encouraging parents, players, students, and community members in the Cobb County School District to sign this petition in support of hiring a more qualified coach to begin the 2018-2019 school year.

Reasons for removing Edward Morris:

 -We love Hillgrove High School and we want to feel proud of it. We can’t feel that way with Edward Morris as Head Basketball Coach. He is the epitome of mediocrity. The team’s overall record is 7-13, and in a region where it should be easy to make the State Playoffs every year, his record is 1-6. His mismanaging of players have lead to the departure of players and his questionable game decisions have lead to losses to inferior teams. Previous and current basketball parents, as well as community members, are unpleased with the program under the direction of Coach Ed Morris.

-He was given the Head Coach position at Hillgrove when the school was established in 2006. He’s never had to compete for the position and it shows. His coaching is still stuck in 2006. He can’t keep up with this era of basketball. With the talent he has had, he should have won at least two State Championships by now, but he pulls the players down to his knowledge level.

 -Every year Coach Morris stands in front of the parents and talks about being fair, honest, and ethical. Then he does exactly the opposite. He does not infuse passion into this program. Instead, he has had a negative impact. He has contaminated this program and brought about a bad culture. It’s too late to save the boys that are currently on the Varsity team, but we can save the boys that are coming up in the Hillgrove system and we can try to keep them at Hillgrove.

-He’s the most incompetent coach we’ve ever seen. He doesn’t believe in individual skill development. In fact, he tells us not to take our sons to trainers because he doesn’t see the value. He thinks his “magical” plays are all you need.

 -He doesn’t do anything extra for this program. He leaves the gym before the kids do and he refuses to open the gym for the boys. His motive for coaching is clearly to get the coach’s stipend and his Booster Club check. He had two all-region players on his team last year and neither received college looks because Coach Morris said it wasn’t his job to expose them to college coaches.

 -Coach Morris has scarred and traumatized the players and parents in the Hillgrove community for years. He bullies both, the kids and their parents. If a player asks questions, he benches them. If a parent asks questions, he cuts their son from the team or benches them. He’s been using this strong-arm technique for years and some parents have remained silent for fear of backlash. Bullying is not tolerated in schools so why is this coach getting away with it?

 -Why does the Athletic Director continue to ignore the complaints year after year? Because they are best friends and Coach Morris is her Athletic Coordinator! Their justification for their inability to act is always; “The child is not as talented as the parents think”, “The child is not coachable”, or “The child has behavioral problems”. They’ve been doing this song and dance for years.

 -I am saddened by the comments I hear from previous and current parents. No parent should feel like they can’t speak to a coach about their concerns for fear of reprisal against their child. The mental, emotional, and physical well-being of these boys is at stake. He is killing these boys spirit and the parents are the ones that have to tell them that they do matter in this world.

 -Coach Morris’ behavior has the effect of a classic abuse situation. Players are afraid to speak up for fear of additional punishment and parents who do find out hesitate to speak up because previous complaints have been ignored. The boys are at a point now where they feel it’s futile to even talk to him.

 -He doesn’t build relationships with parents, players or college scouts. He views himself as “The Basketball Authority” and everyone must bow down to him. He keeps the parents in the dark about everything. He doesn’t understand that a Head Coach MUST cultivate a player-parent-coach relationship.

 -These boys are committed to playing basketball at Hillgrove, but Coach Morris is not committed to them. After the parents’ complaints go ignored, they have no choice but to remove their kids from the school. I can count about ten boys that have transferred out of Hillgrove, or have tried to transfer out because of Coach Morris. There are also a number of players that won’t even tryout because of his reputation. Continued lack of student interest and this transfer rate are all Coach Ed Morris’ fault.

 -The boys basketball program needs to move forward with much needed CHANGE, and this change can’t take place until Coach Morris is removed. We believe that bringing in a QUALIFIED coach with communication skills, listening skills, people skills, current basketball knowledge, and whose focus is leading and improving the team is the only answer. Coach Morris’ ignorance, bullying, and inability to keep up with modern basketball are too negative to accept anymore.

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