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Stop the proposed clearance of all balconies in Isleden House

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Our petition is against the proposed clearance of all balconies in Isleden House. Fire regulations state we need to leave at least 900mm width of access routes, this leaves us roughly 450mm to use for washing lines and planters as stated in the City of London safely leaflet.

Firstly, there is an obvious lack of space inside the flats for washing lines to go. There are 2 and 3 bedroom flats that are mostly homes to families with young children. Having these moved indoors holds a health and safety issue in itself with children tripping up/pulling them over; there is huge potential for injuries. Most people will be forced to use their hallways and whichever spot of these small hallways they decide to use will no doubt lead to the blocking of at least one door; another fire safety worry. It is scientifically proven that drying washing indoors can pose a serious health risk especially to people with weakened immune systems or asthma.    

It's worth mentioning that residents of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are already denied access to the communal garden below (something which will never be given the attention to propose a change) so the only pleasure half of the tenants of the higher floors receive is the view of an unused garden in the summer months when we can gaze out at it while hanging our washing out to dry or watering our plants on our balconies. Plants and flower displays on the balconies are something that many residents take deep pride in, are a hobby and actually for some a big part of their lives. The City of London even holds flower competitions for all residents and this will be another thing taken away from those who get involved. I feel that it is the feeling for most residents that as things continue to grow and be improved on the ground floor, the tenants on the floors above have much less and as the years go by it seems we are also being denied our voice.

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