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Make Supernaturalism a religion!

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I've had this in my mind for a long time. I'm not sure, but I've read somewhere that you need 72 members for a new official religion. But I'm not sure tho, so let's make it 100. Also, I wasn't sure to whom I have to send this, so I decided to send them to Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Wladimir Putin  (and some other people) because I thought they're having enough power to make it official.

Just 100 signatures and one of the best and most exciting TV-Show may become to a religion.

Seriously, if there's a religion that admires a flying spaghetti monster. Why can't we pray to Sam, Dean and Cas? (Etc)

Our gods would include: Sam, Dean, Castiel, John and more. The fandom knows what we would admire and what kind of rituals we'd have.

The Supernatural fandom is very big and it'd be very great if we could find even more than 100! So go sign it and share this with your friends 

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