Allow visitor visa upto 6 months of stay in Germany with multiple entry duration of 10 yrs

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A major problem often faced by most of the non-EU expats in Germany is to get only short-term visitor visa of 90 days to invite parents or other family members or friends. In various cases, expats who have dependent parents (non-EU) living in their home countries couldn't stay more than 90 days and  can only come again once they meet the cool off period most commonly known as "maximum 90 days of stay in 180 days period". This poses greater challenges in terms of old people travelling and living alone while their children are working in Germany. 

Given the living expenses in Germany, it completely makes sense to keep the short term visa duration to as less as possible however in certain scenarios where people can afford to keep and maintain the expenses of their dependent parent (s) while working in Germany, they must be granted a visa that has duration of up-to 10 years with maximum one time stay of at-least 6 months, an example of this is United States where visitor visa is often granted for 10 years while a visitor can stay upto 6 months per visit. 

However, to have no burden on government or pubic funds, it can be ensured that the invitee takes complete responsibility of living expenses, health insurances etc. Therefore a request to German govt. to think about changing the policies while the number of expats are growing exponentially in Germany and more visitor would also contribute to fuel economy by various means. i.e. Travel, Living expenditures etc.