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To Stop Sagarmala

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Save anyone

Study without shock
 This is a true stats.....

This will destroy all natural resources

 Kaveri irrigation
 Turn the parts into a desert
 With sagarmals
 Tamil Nadu Public Works Department
 Senior Engineer Association
 Go to the Seminar
 The opportunity came ... everyone
 That is overall
 Destroy Tamil Nadu
 Deadly monster
 It's great to know
 The shock occurred.
For all friendships
 Will keep
 Request .... patiently
 Read and understand this
 Share as much.
Completely deserted
 The changeable Tamil Nadu
 Get along with it

 I am the only one
 Knowing this up
 Stats ... the truth is not it ..
  Held today
 Engineers at the seminar
 To say no
 Jurisdiction. Methane is going to take
 Not sure how to stay here
 A message is true ... this concept is today
 Shared seminars ..
It's going to be somewhere
 What is that for us?
 Do not think that came
 Tolamaikale ..

1. Salt and other pollutants
 This water filled, living on land
 Plant biology and
 Kill microorganisms
2  Water enters the water entrance
3.Categories, Bridges,
River temples, temples
 Will occur.
4.Water and irrigation water
 Groundwater droplets drain
 Keep going.
5.Water in existing waters
 Tap the hose
 Chemicals Used,
Mixing methane.
This is the method of soil,
Poor water to the water
 Will sabotage.
The deal will be played
 The GEEC will be given to the company
 Place 691 square
 Damage will occur
 Three Districts
 Area 8270 square meter
 That is 21 lakh acres
 Land will be destroyed.
Total bore wells
 Number 2000.
The next step will be affected
 Districts Pudukottai,
It's Trichy and Kadalur.
Thus the air pollution
 It's overall going
 Tamil Nadu will be affected
 The dead man is the reality.
 This area is turning into a desert
 Going to 50 lakh people
 Life is questionable
 In the state contract
 Signature is done now
 This is the reason for the struggle
 The government is temporarily
 Has stopped
 Deal only once
 If you continue ...............
Saves Tamil Nadu
 Impossible. People before that
 Wake up too
 Need and urgency.

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