Stornieren Sie die Mietzahlungen für internationale Studierende während Covid19

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Covid 19 has devastating effects on small businesses, workers and under-employed students.As you already know that we have to stay at home because of the coronavirus measures taken and therefore must not go to work to prevent the virus from spreading, we expect you to waive the rent because we are not financially capable of the respective situation. In addition, some have been fired from work, with the others always waiting for the holidays to go to work, but under the circumstances, you will not find a job.Canceling rental payments for the duration of the Covid 19 virus pandemic would reduce the financial pressure on international students. We have no social protection here, everything they mentioned is for the citizens. Our health insurance is unreliable. Suppose we got the virus, got sick, who will take care of us, nobody lives with a family. If something happens to us, there is no insurance at all. Everyone deserves equal rights and government help. Our federal government should act similarly to Italy, imposing the suspension of rent payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

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