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Separation of Religion from Politics

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Radical moslem Leaders (Mullahs) in Iran manipulate and abuse people by opposing God and Koran to people. They use religion as a tool to abuse and discriminate innocent people in the name of God. They sell Earthoil and Gas to western countries and specially to China and buy weapons from Russia.  They send the money and weapons to neighbor radical moslem countries like Palastina Syrien and Libanon. They fight Jews and continue fighting the non radical moslems  and they accomplish this directly or indirectly through your Economical support. You have the power to stop this “Teufel Kreis”.  People from Iran flee to Germany because we love your democracy in Germany..however our people’s mind is not grown enough to excecute  such a democracy by themselves. We need a leader.  We are all crying out for a referendum and a paliment that is supervised by your country who follow the international human rights. Please help us. Don’t support the radical Muslim in Iran. We like to be able to live free and think free without imposition of Radical religions. We like a politic that is separated from Islam. Arabs have conquered our land and you are feeling the consequences. Look how many mosques they are building in your country and how much your people are suffering. These people are not racist or Nazi. They just love their country and are feeling the pressure. How much more crimes are you going to tolerate by letting radical Muslims in your country that are not willing to give up the cause.  Radical moslem Arabs are destroying and killing our youth and scientist and also kill Christians, gays, and Bahais and also specially the Jews and indirectly you are involved. Remember how many innocent Kurds have been killed by your chemical weapons. How much more tolerant and Duldung are you excepting from us and from your own people. Please help our Referendum.  Make it serious..people are dying everywhere because you are supporting the wrong government and you are profiting. You have the power to boycott Islamic Iran and communistic China. Maybe you think it is taken far away. As a scientist i can say that we all are not able to fight economical crisis global warming and pollution, as long as wrong people are in power. I promise you that world will be a better place without radical religion in our politics. Stop the Mullahs and their regimes. 


Azita Jovaini on behalf of Iranian community of Torontonians in Canada 

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