Quarantine For Hairdressers

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In order to curb the escalating health crisis, the German government recently forced non-essential businesses and shops to shut down. Keeping supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices, delivery services, dry-cleaners and hairdressers open as vital industries to keep our society functioning.

We are international & independent hair salons based in London and Berlin; we recently opened our second Berlin branch in Moabit.

The government has urged people to isolate and avoid any unnecessary contact; as hairdressers we feel the need to do so too. Although we always follow a thorough routine of cleaning and disinfecting, we still remain highly exposed. From commuting to work and taking payment to most critically being at very close proximity to our clients whilst cutting hair. Unfortunately there's no way to avoid close contact in our industry. 

Keeping hairdressers open not only increases the risk of spreading the virus but will also ruin the industry. Most clients have canceled their appointments and our staff are feeling uncomfortable being at work. We have been forced to close one of our branches and consolidate our teams as there are not enough clients or hairstylists to keep going. 

We demand the German government and relevant local health authorities to be considered as non-essential industry. To receive all associated help in order to stop the fast spreading of COVID-19 and keep our businesses, families & colleagues safe.