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Stop Trump Administration Blocking Paris Climate Accords

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Today, on the 31st of May, 2017, Donald Trump, The President of The United States, became set on backing out on a world saving deal. There are 198 countries in the world and 195 of them signed in favor. The three countries that did not were Syria (in the middle of a civil war), Nicaragua (felt that the agreement did not go far enough) and the United States (refuse to accept the link between CO2 and climate change). The US general public are largely in favor of the agreement, however members of their government including their Commander-In-Chief, Donald Trump, are against the agreement. 

The Agreement promises to aim to keep that global temperature from increasing any more than 2 degrees Celsius. This will ultimately fail without US agreement, because they are the second largest CO2 emitters on the planet. To give you an idea, even North Korea signed, a country largely assumed to be backwards.

This is a petition to ask our governments to sanction the United States and prevent this agreement from falling apart. I ask you to sign to save the planet, and all the endangered species in it. Remember the bees we all run away from but we know that we need? A third of the ones in America died last year alone. At the rate we are going, butterflies will lose their lives (when is the last time you saw one), and eventually, the ecosystem will crash as fish lose out as well. I open this to all countries, all citizens of every country, because it is blatantly obvious that The United States Government is on the wrong side of history right now and we cannot let one country's government ruin the entire planet. I ask you to sign, and I ask you to share. We can do this, if we do it together.

We face this problem together. So let's fix it together.

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