Petition for formal investigation of Ejigayehu Kidane (Gigi Kiya) for hate crimes.

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The modern period sees Germany as the pioneer of tolerance, protector of human rights and a leader in redressing past wrongs. The world was stunned when in 2017 the government of Angela Merkel opened its borders to 1 million destitute Syrian refugees. Immigrant communities form a vibrant part of German society, increasingly becoming the backbone of its robust economy.

Some use the protection of civil rights in Germany and the freedom of expression to incite ethnic hatred in places that are struggling to establish institutions which safeguard human rights. One such individual of very grave concern is Ms. Ejigayehu Kidane, a German citizen, resident of the city of Leverkusen. Ms. Kidane, originally from Ethiopia, identifies herself as an ethnic Oromo, and has made extensive use of social media and YouTube to inflame hatred and enmity between the various nationalities of Ethiopia. Ms. Kidane acts with absolute impunity, under the safe haven  of German  civil rights protection.  Below are some of the most inflammatory of her videos, characterizing non Oromos citizens in places like the capital Addis Ababa as ‘invaders intruders’ who deserve to be hacked by machete. Ms. Kidane has over 100,000 Facebook followers and her overbearing presence in social media is, we believe, one of the contributing factors behind the recent genocide in the Oromo  region of Ethiopia.

We, the undersigned, implore the German government to use the Volksverhetzung clauses within the German criminal code to investigate Ms. Kidane. Germany has a solid history of hunting genocide instigators and perpetuators as is so evident in the Nuremberg Trials of 1945-46. We, the undersigned, demand a serious investigation into Ms. Kidane, holding her accountable to the ethnic violence that has engulfed Ethiopia. 

All citizens of Germany have an obligation to live under the rule of law and to the burdens of recent German history. Germany has a robust history of welcoming immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees. It is incumbent upon every national who adopts Germany as his country to live under these laws and contribute to its national ethos: fraternity, solidarity, equanimity. We ask that Germany not be used as a safe haven for hate preachers like Ms. Kidane, an immigrant herself, a beneficiary of German immigration policy, who, under the protection of German laws, continues to play her part in the ongoing genocide in Ethiopia.


Alelegn Kassaye

Resident in the UK