No New Greyhound Stadium In Wallyford, East Lothian

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We call on Howard Wallace and his company Sirius Sport and Leisure to abandon their plans to build and operate a greyhound stadium in Wallyford, East Lothian.

This proposal, which has hung over the heads of the local community for nearly 20 years is outdated and promotes an industry which is in decline and in the 21st century is widely regarded as cruel, barbaric and unregulated.

We also call on East Lothian Council to pledge to uphold their responsibilities under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 which authorises them to enforce the welfare provisions of animals, regardless of the establishment.

To appoint an animal welfare officer who will attend events at the venue, if it goes ahead, ensuring the welfare of animals involved are met, and shutting it down if it finds breaches.

We also call on East Lothian Council’s Licensing Board to follow its overprovision policy and state upfront that it will not approve any future applications for a drinks licence at the proposed stadium as well as a public entertainment licence and any other licence which would allow it to entice people to spend a ‘Night at the Dogs’ or promote such events.

Wallyford is a named area of concern for the local authority who should make their position clear before any stadium is built and make it clear it will not be allowed to serve alcohol as it will breach the local authority’s policy.

It should also be made clear that the admittance of any greyhound owner/trainer or person to the site who has been found guilty of administering drugs to animals or any other activity which would be deemed illegal in any other walk of life, would lead to an immediate sanction.

Greyhound racing has no place in modern Scotland and remains a self-regulated, widely abused activity in which animals face unnecessary suffering, untimely deaths and a lack of care which would be expected by any other animal.

We believe it should be outlawed and East Lothian Council has an opportunity and a responsibility to take a stand through openly voicing its objections and acting through its licensing powers.

This petition will be sent to East Lothian Council’s Licensing Board, appointed councillors and Sirius Sport and Leisure