Pull The Show Dogs movie from theaters to protect children

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Show Dogs movie conveys a message similar to what pimps do to their prey... It's called grooming.  This is a kids movie marketed as a family comedy, but it is much more than that.  The police dof Max enters into the show dog arena as an undercover dog to stop dog smugglers.  As the movie progresses, the handler encourages Max that it is acceptable for the judges to touch him in his private parts to win the competition.  This type of grooming continues throughout the movie.  Max is uncomfortable with this aspect of the competition, but his handler encourages him to go to a happy place while it happens so that he is not uncomfortable with it. At the end, Max thinks of happy things while the judges touch his private parts, and Max is finally okay with it.

This is not the message children should be receiving from what was supposed to be a children's movie.  It promotes that it is okay to be touched and violated so long as it is what an adult or someone in the position of trust tells you to do.  

Please sign this petition.  This movie needs to be off the shelves to protect our children.  Thank you.

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