The World Needs an Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol in every public place.

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Attention: MY LAST POST?
I Sincerely hope this won't be my last post for the Autism Welcomed Decal Page.
To All of My Faithful Followers & Believers in what I'm Doing.
I'm not allowed to share any of my post due to someone reporting my post as unpleasing or unacceptable. I don't know for how long and have been informed that if I continue to share I will lose the Autism Welcomed Decal Page and it will be deleted from Facebook ;(
Soo, I'm letting all of you know this.
Hopefully this will not happen. You will no longer find ANY � Post or Videos from me unless you visit my page on your own free will. This page is my heart and means more to me than anyone can imagine & would simply devistate me if Facebook ever took it from me. Therefore, I've sent this to plea and promise to Facebook in hopes that I can save myself anymore heartache. I recently have been finding out that similar actions like this have been going on with YouTube channels as well. Which is also a primary place followers can find videos of the places who have given the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol permanent homes, called AWayThroughAutism.  I Truly hope I'm not targeted and especially punished there. 

"The Autism Welcomed Decal Symbols purpose is not to promote sensory friendly in those EVERY Day places we all enter. As much as I would love for that to happen, that's just not being realistic. But to help families who enter those every day places by placing a symbol like this one not only helps them feel Autism Acceptance, Autism Understanding, and Support Every Day, and not just in April which is Autism Awareness month. In addition, by spotting this symbol at entrances, it is a clear sign to those not living with autism, that this business does Welcome Autism and to also be kind and understanding once you enter to these families who are challenged every minute every day, but still know that teaching their loved one to socialize and to cope with sometimes difficult surroundings took a lot of love and courage. This unique Symbol has been finding not only homes in many well known places since 2013' but has also been written about in newspaper articles just like this one called, "Behind the Decal lies a Heart"

"I just can't understand why the harmful commenters aren't being removed and punished with consequences, rather then the genuinely heart warming pages and channels who have touched so many families in a positive & very supportive way. Big Corporate Businesses came to be by their new accounts and subscribers & channels just like mine and should never take that for granted. Without us, they would not exist. It's time they recognize this and remember Money can bring power, However, Bullying can destroy a Heart which can create more Love in the world then I think they know . Something they have  clearly lost sight of.  I truly believe Love is not only more important, but it is so much more powerful then the Oh Mighty Dollar."                               A Reminder...Why did S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom create the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol and where are some of the places who have already given the symbol a PERMANENT HOME � ?                                                      This video speaks heartfelt volumes!


"I'm asking for your help today. Together we are so much stronger in numbers. Help the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol stay alive in Facebook and YouTube indefinitely. Please sign & share this petition and show your love for #SMAARTMom and the years she has expressed her unconditional love through her unique Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol inspired  by her adult son, Dustin who has Autism with the MENTALITY of a 3-5yr old child and  the many Other Dustin's out in this world."

IF I don't succeed....
Please don't forget me and continue to follow me at the website I created which I will never have to worry about being taken away from me.
All My Love Always & Forever,
Angela (aka) #SMAARTMom