Stop Service Dog Fraud

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People using fake service dogs has become a hassle and also a danger to the general public and legal service dog teams.
The law must be rewritten
The following must be used
1) All Service dog handlers must have and carry and show a doctors note that proves need for the animal.
It need not say the diagnosis but must say the dog is doctor perscribed and some of it's tasks.
2) A service dog either organization or owner trained must pass a standard public access test at least every two years. Done by a government approved employee.
3) A service dog must wear a badge stating the last test date, the dog and owners name and contact info. Along with tasks.
4) Service dogs must be the correct size and be taught the correct tasks for the persons disability. Meaning you can not have a mini poodle for a mobility dog.
5) A service dog must be proffesional looking at all times. This means well brushed, bathed, trimed and of natural color. 

6) All service dogs must wear appriate gear and to the point patches. As in "Service dog, access requiered".  "Do Not Pet"

7) A service dog may not be used as an attention grabber. They must be as unobtrusive as possible.
8) Also the reasons people are allowed service dogs must be looked at. A service dog is to help a person do things they can not do, alert to health condituons and are necessary at all times. If a person can work all day or go to school with out it then the dog is not necessary.
All of this should be free once a doctors note is provided.
The laws for both fake handlers and buisness must be stronger.
1) The police must be taught to judge by behavior if a dog really is a service dog or not. The police must remove and arrest the people breaking federal law. Not just letting them go.
2) Judges must charge them with a crime.
3) Businesses must be taught the law and also how to identify fakes from real service dogs. They must be forced to comply. They must be punished for allowing in any pets or emotional support animals or pets. Also for denying access or any discrimination against a disabled person.
4) The general public needs to be taught their responsibility as well.
No distracting or hurting a working service dog.
They must be fined for this as it puts the handler in danger.

And all the fake internet sites selling fake id and certification must be closed down and fined.
If this is not stopped now the government will either allow all animals in every business or ban all including legal service dogs.

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