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Stop the Proposed Changes to the TCDSB Secondary School Admissions Policy for Your Etobicoke Schools

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Your TCDSB is proposing changes to secondary school zoning, which if passed will dramatically impact where you children can attend post-secondary school, and likely also affect your property values.  The TCDSB is looking to solve enrolment and school performance issues by funneling south Etobicoke students to under-subscribed schools.  If passed by the Board, this rezone would mean the majority of our students would be forced to attend schools that are academically inferior, in unsafe neighbourhoods and that are more difficult to reach by public transportation.   The proposal limits our ability to choose where our children attend secondary school and only allows them to attend a school that is substandard to their current secondary school options.

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TCDSB is doing this to comply with the Ministry’s request for boundaries for all TCDSB secondary schools will help us qualify for funds to build new schools in areas where existing schools are overcrowded.  They want to sacrifice our children's educational opportunities to get funding so that others, potentially not currently even living in Etobicoke, will have bigger/better schools (based on all of the various building developments that are scheduled to be built).

This proposal and related staff report (based on rushed consultation) is being tabled for Board review (and potentially a vote) as early as Thursday June 8th.   The current proposal has not been well thought through, consulted on or communicated to all of the All Saints & St. Demetrius community.  

·       Our kids need choices and good schools.  Many of us moved here, paid premium for our homes and taxes to ensure we had access to top educational institutions.  That shouldn’t be taken from our kids this way, especially without any input and say from us.

·       Safety matters: The proposed new secondary schools are NOT in a safe neighbourhoods.  Children should not be forced to attend school in an area where their safety is not assured.  

·       This is a knee jerk reaction to a problem the TCDSB created over the past 20 years by not properly accounting for population growth in South Etobicoke and building/renovating schools to accommodate for this growth.  Take time to get it right for ALL students.  Don't just solve the problem by sacrificing our children's safety and future.

·       The measurement of distance from elementary school to secondary school that was used was to assign Archbishop Romero to All Saints was not accurate, and does not account for many of the All Saints students that live south of All Saints School who actually live CLOSER to Bishop Allen then they do to Archbishop Romero

·      Practicality - for All Saints Students to attend Archbishop Romero they will be required to take 2-3 buses, with transfers in an unsafe neighbourhood,  in addition to several extended walks to get to school as opposed to 1 bus & transfer at the subway station to attend Bishop Allen.  Both safety and practicality should be of utmost importance for our children. 

How can you help?

1.    Sign this petition and SHARE it with as many of your friends & neighbours as you can.

2.  Email us to join our mailing list and get informed of upcoming meetings and any developments:

3.     We need your help to voice concerns!  South Etobicoke is hardest hit, and the Board represents the whole city.  For us to stop this from passing, we need to have a strong, united voice for the entire Board to see and hear.

4.     Email our Trustee and let him know that you do not support this change: Mr. Martino opposes this proposal but he is only one of 12 voters.  Let him know that you want him to continue to fight this

5.     Email all 12 trustees to let them know this is not acceptable and we won’t back down.  Email them daily and let your voice be heard.


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