To get Angels' grandchildren back home where they belong.

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Angel Tidwell is my cousin. She is the grandmother of two children. A little boy and a little girl. They have been living with Angel for 2 years now in a safe, clean, loving home, due to circumstances beyond their control.  Angel is a very good grandmother/mommy. She has given her whole life to these babies because she loves them dearly. She does everything with them. Just take a look at her facebook page to see that's true. 

Again, because of circumstances beyond Angels control, CPS in Tuscawarwas county took her babies away last week and put them in a group home!!!There was no drug use in the home. No abuse. The kids are well cared for. Well fed. Well Dressed. Clean. Loved very much. Paid attention to. There is no reason whatsoever, those poor little kids are now in a strange place. With strange people. In a group home for God sakes. What did they do wrong??? They are scared to death. Ripped out of the only home they have ever known. How dare they. 

Now I don't know if this petition will do any good, but if you have a heart, think about your own grandchildren. What if they were treated this way. Would you not do anything and everything in your power to fight to get them back?? That's what Angel intends to do. So I want to help somehow. This is my way.