Petition for an IT prequel

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Since IT chapter 2 is ending and there are many fans out there who are sad about this maybe we can get a prequel about pennywise (IT’s) backstory! The IT fans would love a prequel! It’s  just a nice thought that maybe eventually we could have more IT since the first movies were HUGE! Ever since I read the book I have always wanted to know more about pennywise and more about the history of Derry! If Andy sees this or any director or writer we could have a chance of getting a prequel and I know that would make Us very happy. This movie means so much to me and it has given me amazing experiences and friends. So if you are a director or writer or producer reading this please consider trying to make a prequel. Honestly I would love if Andy made it in a few years or so. I’m aware that this probably won’t happen and I am just doing this for fun�❤️ Maybe I’ll get a few signatures