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Give this weeks National Lottery win to the DEC East Africa Appeal

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The DEC East Africa Appeal of March 15th made harrowing watching and listening, as it reported that 16 million people are under threat of starving to death. Straight after this Appeal the National Lottery announced that the jackpot for this week was £16 million and as there was no winner this total would be rolled over to the following week. The juxtaposition of these two announcements one after the other highlights the ethical issue of how we treat our money and how we value life other than our own. The £16 million lottery win is designed to be received by one individual. £5 Can feed a child starving to death for a week. It seems immoral to me that when babies and children are starving to death £16 million is being held back to go to someone another week who is far from a life or death situation.  £16 million only works out at a donation of £1 per head of those estimated to be affected, and yet could literally make the difference between life and death for them. I think of my own children and the hopes I have for them, I think of the desperate powerlessness and despair I would feel if unable to feed and care for them and my family because despite all my hard work the harvest had failed, or because I was caught up in a war that was not of my choosing.

This £16 million, if donated, has the power to transform circumstances for many who are losing everything, even life itself. Spread the wealth, and spread life and hope.

Please sign this petition, to see this £16 million lottery money go to a good cause that needs money NOW.



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