Save our local M14A & M14D bus service!

Save our local M14A & M14D bus service!

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Emma Culbert
Emma Culbert signed this petition

The future of the M14A and M14D bus services is under review by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Under serious consideration is the proposal to eliminate the current local stops to be replaced by express bus service that would eliminate a number of stops along Avenues A and D and along Grand Street.

This decision basically would make buses faster at the expense of serving the needs of the residents in these neighborhoods. Especially affected by this proposal are the seniors who rely on these buses to a great degree. The 14A bus particularly is considered the “granny line” because of the numbers of seniors using the service relying on walkers. This bus service is the lifeline of our community that if eliminated or reduced would force residents, especially seniors, to walk long distances to the nearest subway stops at Delancey or Second Avenue.

We, the undersigned, reach out to you to reconsider the proposal of eliminating bus stops and just add a Select Service system in the same manner as is present on the M15 bus line with both local and Select Service. This we believe would address both the need for speed while not sacrificing the much-needed local service for the ones that would be most negatively affected.

Thanks to the Senior Advocacy Leadership Team (SALT) for getting this petition started.