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Build a Street Workout park in Manchester

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In Greater Manchester, a County where 2.55 million people live, it is not possible to find a proper Street Workout or Calisthenics park. This sport, based on body weight exercises which combine static with dynamics movements, is rapidly increasing supporters all around the world as people get to know it.

The reasons why parks with this characteristics should be built are the followings:

-It is a sport discipline practiced worldwide which improves significantly people's health by increasing skills such as the flexibility, strength or resistance among others.

-It is really cheap to get it built. A regular calisthenics park just needs a couple of metal bars in order to be performed.

-It is free an practiced outdoor, and these aspects may encourage lots of people to give it a chance and start or continue to do a sport that will captivate whoever does it.

-Finally, but not less important, it can be practiced by everyone, any gender or any age, from kids to elderly people at any level.

To conclude, it is important to state that you can find many options in other cities across the UK, meanwhile in one of the most important one of the country, we still do not have the chance to do it. It is time to change that!

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