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Call Andy Biggs to Support Net Neutrailty

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This petition is a joint-effort from Mountain View High Schools Democrat AND Republican Club. Here is the letter:

Dear Representative Andy Biggs and Senator Jeff Flake,

            As you know, on December 14th, 2017, the FCC voted in favor of repealing the policy of Net Neutrality. Namely, to reverse the 2015 order that treats broadband Internet providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

That decision will give major telecommunications companies an unprecedented level of control over how we use the Internet. No agency would be able to protect the public, nor small businesses, from unfair practices like site blocking and throttling. Large cable companies claim to support the principles of net neutrality, but, without the authority of Title II, those principles will be impossible to enforce.

We urge you to oppose this decision by Chairman Pai to roll back the FCC's net neutrality protection, and to oppose any effort in Congress to undermine the Open Internet Order. Please, for the love of the free open internet we all use daily, introduce or sponsor legislation to protect the internet as it is for generations to come and sustain the free digital market it has created.

We are students, parents, teachers, and your constituency, mobilizing to protect the digital infrastructure we rely on. A free and open Internet is essential for a free society, something that has been true since the conception of the World Wide Web. We urge you to defend net neutrality protections. Protect our rights and the free digital market, and continue the legacy of an open internet space, where freedom of speech, ideas, and information stands strong.


Sincerely, in solidarity,

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