Include Preschool Teachers in the Phase 1b vaccine rollout in Kentucky

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At the end of 2019, my wife and I moved from Los Angeles to Louisville. We bought a house and established one relationship before we arrived: a relationship with a preschool. My wife and I own and operate an audiobook production company together. This job requires not only our focus but quiet- something not afforded to many parents of young children. 

Our son celebrated his first birthday a month after we arrived, and just celebrated his second birthday (with his parents and a cupcake) two weeks ago. The teachers and staff at AJ Preschool have not only enriched our child’s life and given him opportunities we simply couldn’t provide on our own but have enabled us to continue to grow our business during the pandemic. (Now registered in Kentucky!)

Preschool teachers are just that: teachers. Vaccinating our educators is a crucial step to safely reopening our economy. K-12 schools and daycare centers are not only sources of employment for the many teachers and staff at each institution, but they serve the additional function of freeing up parents to work as well. Kentucky and other states acknowledge both the exemplary service of our educators and their additional impact on the regrowth of our economy by including them in the Phase 1b rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

But contrary to the guidance of the CDC and against the impassioned pleas of countless organizations and centers in the state, Kentucky has arbitrarily limited the educator allotment of vaccines to K-12 teachers only. This ignores the thousands of preschool teachers and daycare center operators (for whom NTI is not a possibility) who have worked passionately and ceaselessly through this pandemic to provide tutelage, enrichment, and nurturing to the literal future of the Commonwealth. 

We ask you, Governor Beshear, to reconsider your position on this issue and do the right thing. Amend the eligibility for Phase 1b to include ALL child educators. Preschool teachers provide the same services and care as K-12 teachers. Their work is as essential as their fellow educators and their place in the COVID Vaccine line should reflect that.

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