Include Preschool Teachers in the Phase 1b vaccine rollout in Kentucky

Across the Nation this Vaccine has been so slowly and poorly developed, manufactured, & distributed, apples to apples, the rollout of the Cowpox Vaccine to stop Smallpox went smoother & eradicated Smallpox in Britain shortly after formulated, manufactured, & distributed. Well, how the hell is that relevant?!—It was the first vaccine ever developed. It went from entirely new discovery of this thing called a vaccine being possible, to a vaccine, to inoculations, to eradication....using technology from ~220 years ago. They say Coronavirus is here forever! Smallpox was eradicated from Britain at the beginning of the 19th C. What's different?
—Coronavirus is much more complex & mutagenic. Perhaps that's true. But have we not become more capable in the last 220 years...?
The answer is Yes. By orders of magnitude in fact. The Virus was sequenced and delivered in most Nation's Heads of State by Jan. 2020. Vaccine candidates are computationally derived within 1-2wks. Phase I, II, III/EUA.....well, we know that's less ~9mo!
Mass manufacture & industry admission, it can be Achieved within 2 Months!

Something isn't right! In the 50s & 60s, we sure knew how to deliver mass vaccinations at no charge. So, it's not hc administration...

Sequenced, Candidate, beg. Phase I trial—1month.
Select Phase II Candidate, Begin Mass Production, Begin Distribution, Trial—2months.
Phase III Trial, Finish Distribution,
Begin Mass Innoculations—We're not there yet?! Merck has withdrawn....?!

Russia published in the Lancet & began distribution before Summer was over. It works 2-fold:

1. "Sputnik" is a frightful name for those born before mid 1960s. The Satellite worked; the Russians were well ahead of us in rocketry, space travel, weapons. The Satellite was not a weapon.

2. The World has seen and is now seeing Sputnik V working. Sputnik is not a weapon; the Cold War is over. The threat of Communism is zero.

Russia has a vaccine. We have sanctions on them. Russia has had better healthcare than the United States. We used to be Bilateral Partners until we withdrew.
We have a "free market," yet Sputnik V is banned.

Soon Cuba will have their Vaccine ready and be offering humanitarian aid to Africa. Cuba doesn't have much, but one thing they do — unrivaled World Class Healthcare; there will be no doubt their vaccine works if they say it does.

Americans are being slaughtered by Corporations that value patents over human life. They want to treat an illness, not to eradicate the illness!

The vaccine in the United States just happens to have supply issues...?! What about expensive therapeutics...?!

1. Lift Sanctions against Russia.
2. Re-establish the Bilateral Partnership.
3. Russia took Crimea—or, what Britain referred to as "Nothing" in the old days of the Empire. Plus most Americans can't even point to it on a map....

What's left? What's the hold up?

The word Sputnik is frightful to those born before 1965. If we normalize relations with Russia, work together as the world's two legitimate super powers, then maybe everyone can have a damn vaccine!

Sputnik was a proud moment for humanity; I'm an American; I don't wish War upon any Russian as they are not MY enemy. I'm not afraid of "Sputnik," nor Sputnik–V. If Western big Pharma is failing, I'll admit defeat in the International Vaccine Race! I'd even ask the winner for help; there's something I'm not doing right. With any hope, they'd still respect me as a competitor worth helping, or at least tell my how I can make amends to obtain the help I need....(?) Who knows? Maybe there are things that can be done in advance to asking for help...(?)!

Joshua Jordan, Des Moines, United States
3 months ago
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