Allow all KY wedding venues to operate at the same capacity as restaurants & churches.

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Like all businesses in Kentucky, the wedding and event industry has been significantly impacted by COVID-19.  Due to the new executive order, venues who do not hold a 605 permit cannot open for operation until July 1, 2020. Even then they can only have 50 or fewer guests regardless of their capacity limits. Restaurants, retail and churches can reopen at a percentage of their capacity and with unlimited outdoor seating.  We are asking our Governor to give the wedding venues the same rights and regulations as restaurants, retail and churches. 

This one-size-fits-all cap on gathering size is  harmful to Kentucky's large wedding and private event industry, as well as to the many couples whose weddings are being cancelled, or are in limbo, due to these limitations even though they may be many months in the future. Wedding and events take months and even years to plan. Without a definite answer when venues can reopen, we are causing postponement, cancellations and even couples moving their weddings to states with less restrictions. 

Unlike restaurants, bars, and retail businesses, event venues and the event community (caterers, photographers, florists, videographers, coordinators, rental companies, bands, transportation, etc.)  do not have a definite "back to work" date. Our businesses want to be afforded the same rights as other businesses in Kentucky, especially since weddings require travel and complex planning.

We are asking that the executive order be changed to reflect a percentage of occupancy for venues in the same manner that restaurants, retailers and other businesses are afforded.  This logical amendment will help to salvage our businesses and the Kentucky event community as well as the important life events of our clients while still implementing best practices for the safety of our community.