Allow all KY wedding venues to operate at the same capacity as restaurants & churches.

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We are being HEARD!!!!

First, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for signing our petition. I appreciate you taking the time to read and sign it. I know I speak for all the wedding and event vendors when I say WE LOVE YOU!!!

We have gained some media publicity. Local radio station WKDZ and newspaper The Kentucky New Era, have both ran articles about our petition. This has helped with the number of signatures and we hope to gain even more! If you have any contact in the new/media field, please send them my way! You can reach me at
NOW THE BIG NEWS! Representative Walker Thomas called me this evening to give me an update. He hand delivered the petition and a letter written from a bride’s mother to the governor Tuesday morning! Today he received word that he would be jumping on a conference call with the Governor Friday morning. Mr. Thomas is hoping this is because of the petition. He said he WILL be pushing our case more and hopes he can get some answers. He has asked me to update him first thing Friday morning on the number of signatures we have received on the petition. YA"LL THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD!! We need to really push the petition and gain more signatures on the petition before Friday morning. I am so thankful to have State Representative Walker Thomas in our corner.

CAN YOU HELP ME? Will you please continue to share the petition on social media, email your friends and family and ask them to sign it. Now is the time to make an impact on our wedding and event community.

Danielle Renshaw
5 months ago