Bring Maggie Back Campaign

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If u don’t know Maggie Sawyer left Supergirl back in November and the fandom is NOT having it.  Well today at the Ultimates Supergirl panel, Chyler was saying how she dm’d the Warner Brothers to bring Maggie back to Supergirl 

wellllll maybe we can ALL dm the Warner brothers on twitter saying  

‘Dear Warner Brothers,

Bring our girl Maggie Back #sanversmatters 


The Sanvers Fandom’


And maybeee after ur done u can sign this petition to see how many people have dm’d the Warner Brothers.

Sorry if this idea sucks, but honestly we NEED to bring Maggie back. Maggie has taught us so many things and helped us fans that are LGBTQ+ be comfortable within ourselves. #MaggieMatters

But let’s hope soon the Warner Brothers will get a bunch of dm’s saying bring Maggie back 


-andveggy (on twitter)




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