add option in android pie to enable notification sounds from device when headset connected

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john williamson
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the android pie OS, when a headset/vehicle is connected (wired or bluetooth) only allows for ringtone to play from device speaker when a call comes in. all other notification sounds are routed to the connected headset/vehicle only. If the connected headset/vehicle is not in a position to be heard, the notifications are missed. productivity is lost, communication suffers

add an option to the android pie OS to allow a user to choose the notification routing(s) when a headset/vehicle is connected. to specify if tertiary notifications (text, messenger, twitter, etc) when a headset/vehicle is connected, should be routed to the device speaker, to the connected headset/vehicle, or to both.

I started this petition because...
this lack of a feature is coming up across multiple forums, and getting directed at service providers, device manufacturers, various resellers.. being brought to the attention of companies that have nothing to do with the software - when the conversation needs to be unified and brought to the android development team, to gain traction as a feature request.

my scenario: When working, i do not constantly have my earbuds in, so that i can hear my child, but i leave the earbuds plugged in so that i can quickly take a call in-ear while being able to continue to work a keyboard.