EA Sports Please Re-Release Bill Walsh College Football 95 !!!!!

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The College Football Gaming Community understands what has happened since NCAA  Football 14. Times have changed and NCAA policies are changing as well. Here is the � idea (Re-release Bill Walsh College Football 95 for current consoles. 1. Work a deal with the NFLPA to have actual players that were top recruits and include them year by year in the Dynasty mode. So if I’m a USC Fan I can recruit Ricky Williams to Tailback U. Or try to bring in Tim Couch to the Florida Gators. You can do this all the way up to the point of the last graduating class to leave out current college Athletes and the NCAA/Athlete drama. 2. Negotiating with the NCAA/Universities for licensing and NFLPA for compensation for rostered recruiting classes is the best way to go.  3. Don’t take any of this idea and just release a new College Football Game. Only EA can do this right. We just want you to do this right now! We are here hanging on to our PS3’s and XBOX 360’s. We are ready!!!!! �