Remove Laurie Throness as Chilliwack-Kent candidate

Remove Laurie Throness as Chilliwack-Kent candidate

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Langley Pride Fest started this petition to Andrew Wilkinson and

Open Letter to Andrew Wilkinson: stop making space for homophobia and transphobia on your team

We represent a wide section of people in British Columbia who advocate for and promote safe, positive, and welcoming communities for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We have come together to write to you to express our disappointment with the space you continue to provide for homophobia and transphobia in your party. 

Over the last year, members of your party have promoted harmful and discriminatory views. We were encouraged when you responded to these concerns by saying “there is no room in the BC Liberal Party for homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination.” We hope you will ensure this commitment is upheld.

As such, we are deeply disappointed that Laurie Throness remains in the BC Liberal Party. In recent months, Laurie Throness has publicly defended conversion therapy, which causes harm and trauma to LGBTQ+ children and youth. Conversion therapy is a dangerous practice with no basis in science, and it costs lives. It is our view that there should be no space for views like this in a major political party seeking to govern. As a reminder, it was in response to these views that your party was excluded from Vancouver Pride this year. 

Removing Laurie Throness would show the people of British Columbia that you don’t tolerate homophobia and transphobia. The deadline for removing Laurie Throness as a candidate is Friday, October 2nd, at 1 pm. We urge you to back up your statements with actions and demonstrate that discrimination has no place in the BC Liberal Party.


Concerned citizens and organizations:

The Board of Chilliwack Pride Society Chilliwack, BC

Tri-Cities Pride Society

The Board of Chilliwack Citizens For Change Chilliwack, BC

Louis De Jaeger, President of the Chilliwack Métis Association Chilliwack, BC

Peter Lang, Vice President of the Chilliwack Métis Association Chilliwack, BC

Heather McCain, Executive Director, Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods 

Willow Reichelt, school trustee Chilliwack, BC

Pierre Richez Chilliwack, BC

Jamie Reid Chilliwack, BC

Margaret Reid Chilliwack, BC

Christopher Hunt Chilliwack, BC

Danielle Cross Chilliwack, BC

Teri Westerby Chilliwack, BC 

Mallory Tomlinson Chilliwack, BC

Amy Lubik, Councillor, City of Port Moody

Marnie Wilson, Trustee, School District No. 35

Dr. Robert Bittner, Langley City

Dr. Jen Marchbank, Surrey

Tim Agg

Jason Hjalmarson, Vancouver

Colin McKenna, Vancouver BC LGBTQ Activist & Community Leader

Carrie Bercic, Vancouver

Brian Petersen 

Margaret Petersen

Lauren Petersen

Greg Weiss

David Tod, Langley

Sarah Hudson, Langley Pride Committee

Patrick Masse, Vancouver

Stacey Wakelin, Langley Pride Committee Langley

Danielle Bennett, Chilliwack

Conor Topley, Vancouver

Christopher Vollan,Vancouver

Carmel Tanaka, Vancouver

Judy Robertson, Vancouver

Blake Stitilis ,Vancouver, BC 

Veronika Bylicki, Vancouver

Jennifer Bradshaw, Vancouver

Tara Crothers, Vancouver

Curt Allison, Vancouver

Epifania Alarcon, Vancouver

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!