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Law change to recognise parental alienation

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We call upon the UK and devolved Governments to formally recognise Parental Alienation as a form of emotional abuse of children. We further call for these Governments to require mandatory training in Parental Alienation for all who work with children and families, to ensure the safeguarding and protection of children from harm and abuse.

“Parental Alienation” refers to the unwarranted or unjustified rejection or fear of a parent by a child where there was previously a normal range relationship. The child’s response is a sign of psychological distress most usually arising from the conscious and unconscious behaviours of their parent or carer. Parental behaviours are often the expression of their own unresolved trauma or psychological distress, which often prevents them separating their emotional needs from those of their child.

Parental Alienation is not specifically recognised as a form of child abuse in the UK. That means that children are placed at significant risk of emotional abuse and their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are not protected. Parental alienation is illegal in Brazil and is widely recognised in the US and Canada

High Court judgments are now being passed using the words ‘parental alienation’, but it is an expression still rarely heard in the lower courts where many legal professionals seem slow to acknowledge the phenomenon.

CAFCASS in England – but NOT their Welsh counterparts – acknowledge that ‘Alienating Behaviour’ is a significant factor in many of the most high conflict cases they deal with. This is recognised also by the use of an ‘Impact of Parental Conflict tool’ based upon the work of leading Parental Alienation academics Fidler and Bala.


1: Full equal parental rights. 

2: Stringent enforcement of broken court orders. 

3: Education of Social Services,  CAFCAS, Judges and schools. 

4: Court orders be made readily available for all heads of schools.   

Thank you. 

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