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The Almshouses are run by a charity and each one has a board of trustees that do the decision making. Latest statistics indicate that there are some 40,000 people occupying almshouses countrywide and that that number is growing.

My nan is 73 years old and is a loving and caring woman who has lived in Boxgrove for over 50 years. She currently lives in an Almshouse association which is ran by a charity and has lived there for roughly 7 years and has always been a decent occupier. They have a set of rules that are very outdated and are over 200 years old.

Some rules include not having relatives stay for more than 14 nights in a year, and she is not aloud more than 28 days holiday a year.

She became very ill last year due to getting pneumonia and losing her brother and best friend all in the space of 2 months. This had a huge impact on her and she suffered from depression and anxiety and was in a psychiatric hospital for two months. When she came home after being in hospital, she obviously needed help and someone to be with her.

We told the charity what had happened and explained the situation. I would be staying roughly 3 days a week. The Trustees that run the Almshouses in Chichester then decided to put up CCTV directly on my nans front door, they then sent out a person every day to check who was entering the property by looking at the footage.

They then called in a meeting with my nan and said they could possibly evict her for rule breaking. My nan provided the trustees with 2 different letters from 2 different doctors explaining her condition and that she may need someone to look after her occasionally.

This clearly didn't mean anything to them and my nan received a letter from them a few days ago telling her she will be evicted from the property on 28th April 2017.

We want people to know what The Almshouses in Boxgrove is really like and we want the rules to be changed so my 73 year old nan is not made homeless!

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