Light up the M65

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Too many people have died on the M65 due to poor visibility and weather. Lighting up the M65 near main junctions and bends could have saved lives and prevent more people dying.  How much is one life worth?  £65,000 was all that was saved by closing those lights. Can the Highway Agency justify the cost cutting to save lives.  Please sign if you believe the M65 needs light back on. 

Read these links below

Death of man struck  overnight

M65 closed due to flooding

2 dead in crash on M65

Just some of the accident a situation caused by bad lighting and weather on the M65. This stretch of motorway has had more accidents lately then I have ever seen. Out needs to stop and it's been ignored long enough.  

The solution is simple - turn the lights back on. The effects would be positive. Motorways getting closed to accident cost more money then they are saving.