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Brian Pead: another paedophilia whistleblower in prison and court

Dear Campaign Supporter, This comes to you to alert you of anther extreme and exceptional case of bullying, harassment and torture by the State and its authorities: I got a letter from Brian Pead, then in HMP Norfolk, whom I had met personally after one of his court hearings. Since then I saw him in the cell before and after a hearing in the Inner London Crown Court, where he will be next Tuesday on 19 August again. Any chance of you being there, too? Being in public galleries of significant court hearings seems to become more necessary and effective than demonstrating in the streets. However, Empowerment Mondays are a core group of demonstrators who are making a difference: Brian's case is comparable to Robert Green's because he showed up paedophilia in Lambeth Council. However, blowing the whistle as their employee cost him not only his job but three unlawful imprisonments, the banning of his book "From Hillsborough to Lambeth" and extreme harassment by three police forces: Bexleyheath, Essex and Norfolk. Since the national inquiry into organised child sexual abuse was announced, I want to make sure that it will be credible, by also examining Brian Pead's story. Hence I set up where I add more and more information. By pressing the either of the FOLLOW buttons, you will be kept up to date with our efforts. Meanwhile: Happy Reading & Clicking! With many thanks for your support, Sabine

Association of McKenzie Friends
8 years ago