Re-instate Y Bus for Disability Resource Centre Users.

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Previously the Disability Resource Centre users relied heavily on the Y bus to get them to us. Due to the nature of our business, we work with those who have medical conditions, mental health issues, physical disabilities etc, and so often gettting to our centre to access our support can be a struggle, however the Y bus really helped in the sense that it dropped our service users off directly outside our organisation. 

Now that the Y bus has stopped its service, it has not only effected our service users from getting to us a little easier, but is also affecting them from accessing vital support. The closest bus stop from us is a 10 minute up-hill walk, which many of our service users who have mobility issues are unable to do without a hard struggle. 

Re-instating this service, will really support our users to get to us more easily and get back to accessing our facilities, which to many is vitally important.