Save our free outdoor spaces we need it now more than ever!

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We have this free to use outdoor football court and hillside which since Covid has been used more than ever. The hillside is used as a quite space to sit or dog walking. It has bats, badgers, foxes and red kites circling above. The view from here is splendid as the sun comes up over blows down.  
The free outdoor court is used all the time because it is flat, safe and large. It is used for track, hurdles, marching, volleyball, cricket. fitness training, hockey,dog training, disabled people with dogs to exercise, football and father and son / daughter kick about. I really don’t think it could be used for many more options! It is our free outdoor safe space at a time of redundancy, fear and anxiety! 
This area is right next door to a very successful skate park and a teenage hang out.
The council want to build a huge 3 storey doctors surgery and  3 x tower blocks also 3 storey high That will look down onto the skate park. These are to house the over 55 year olds. Why would they want to live next to a skate park? Why would the teenagers want to be next to a concrete jungle and be look down on. 
This is a teenager hang out if you take this place away where will they go? Into the shopping mall and get into trouble with gangs and knives like Luton? It will only be a mater of time when the residence move in complain about the skate park and it will be moved on. 
This land is parkland it belongs to us! It is free to use to be taken by our council to be redeveloped so they can charge us to use their facilities dose not seam fair or just! The reason why they are building here is because it is free, but that is because it belongs to us. 
I would like them to postpone the development until this Covid issue is over at least. We all have had to our lives on hold so why can’t they put this on hold.