Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, you owe Ezra Levant of The Rebel an apology!

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Scheer you have no problem going on CBC, CTV or Global, "news" networks that give a platform to ISIS members, hateful racist, and other controversial people. CBC themselves have insulted many people on the right/conservatives with racist slurs but you still go on the CBC! But you refuse to go on The Rebel over something a journalist who worked for The Rebel did on her own time, and was fired for it. Ezra is not responsible for what his staff does on their own time, but Ezra Levant was big enough to apologies for that. Something he did not do. Now you should be big enough and apologize to Ezra and The Rebel members!! OR you risk losing your base, the very base that supports The Rebel, the only Conservative News Outlet in Canada!