Defy the Globalists - Oppose the Paris Agreement!

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Canadian's are waking up this morning to learn that you, Mr. Scheer have whipped the CPC vote in the Canadian Parliament in support of the Globalist Paris Agreement.  

We are not happy, in fact we are still digesting what this means and many staunch supporters of you during the leadership campaign and are declaring their support pulled from the CPC.

Canadians do not want multi-lateral agreements to dictate our foreign policy moving forward.  It undermines our sovereignty, impacts our competitive edge and directly affects our main income generator in Canada, Energy!  There is no benefit for Canada in the Paris Agreement for Canada, and like Trump in the USA I believe we should be exiting from harmful biased agreements that don't directly serve to benefit Canadians.

I'm a CPC member who cast my ballot, and I paid very close attention to the rhetoric you chose to base your platform on.  I actually had you as my #2 choice after Kellie Leitch.  If I could withdraw my ballot, I absolutely would, dropping you to one mark above Mr. Chong (aka the Beet Red Liberal).

Mr. Scheer - This may have been a mistake, maybe you had not reviewed the agreement like you should have.  Maybe you got excited in your new role as party leader.  But whatever caused this lapse in sanity, dignity and sovereign liberty we the undersigned demand a vote be recast, allowing your CPC members to vote based in their constituent's needs and as the leader of the CPC, serving sovereignty loving CPC members across this nation, we're watching your vote and yes, we are judging you.  

Choose wisely!