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STOP Telstra tower at Lillian Rock School Bus Stop defacing World Heritage landscape

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Sign the petition to STOP the proposed 50m Telstra tower at a Lillian Rock school bus stop; the tower would violate the World Heritage landscape of the Border Ranges and Nightcap National Parks, with serious health risks for wildlife, local residents and school children using the bus stop and local schools: 

  • Tower would be visible from many of the famous lookout points in surrounding World Heritage National Parks
  • Radio-frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) impacts local wildlife, one study demonstrated up to 90% species disappearance within 2-3km of telecoms tower
  • Proposed site is a school bus stop exposing young children to high levels of radiation for up to an hour on school days
  • 2012 Bioinitiative Report extensively demonstrates biological harm
  • Telstra’s safety data seems to ignore current science and relies on questionable standards from the regulatory body ARPANSA
  • ARPANSA reviewed the latest studies on RF EME in 2014 including  scientific evidence that RF EME causes biological harm, yet maintains ICNIRP exposure levels to be still appropriate and safe. Comparable to lies about Asbestos, Tobacco and Acid Rain?
  • Telecoms towers are a potential fire risk due to the increased electrical storm activity in this area which often has extreme fire danger alerts and the type of equipment on site

Violating World Heritage National Parks landscape
The tower would be visible from many of the famous lookout points in surrounding national parks.  If you have enjoyed the natural beauty on the many walking trails in this area help us by signing this petition. 

Harm to Wildlife
It’s not just the visual impact but the impact of (RF EME on local wildlife that needs to be considered.   RF EME has been likened to asbestos of the airwaves.

Australian botanist Mark Broomhall recently reported (Source 1) to UNESCO that 70 to 90% of the wildlife has become rare or has disappeared from the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Site within a 2-3 km radius of the telecoms tower and declares the effect of the towers ”should be considered a National Emergency”.  With this information the plan to roll out telecoms towers across this area of significant beauty and wildlife needs to be halted immediately, particularly when local residents of the proposed tower site have reported the return of platypus in a local creek. 

Harm to human health, children at greatest risk
ALARMINGLY the proposed site is a SCHOOL BUS STOP where children will be waiting up to 1 hour per day within 10m of the tower.  Currently Telstra relies on information from an independent regulatory body that fails to recognise the science reported in 67 independent studies published between 1974 – 2012 (and many more since) that demonstrate biological risks from radio-frequency radiation at low-intensity exposure.  The 2012 Bioinitiative Report (Source 2) examined these studies and the demonstrated health risks includes:

  • DNA Damage
  • oxidative damage
  • reproduction/fertility effect
  • cancer
  • cell proliferation
  • brain tumours
  • disruption of the blood-brain barrier
  • stress protein
  • HSP and disrupted immune function

The most alarming FACT to emerge from these studies is that unborn and young children are at greatest risk.  It is unfathomable that Telstra would put young children at risk by constructing a tower at a school bus stop and within proximity of two primary schools as well as local residents, some within 150m of the tower.

Local residents exposed to cancer inducing levels of radiation
According to Telstra’s own 'Environmental Report’ (Source 3) maximum radiation levels are reached at 300 - 500m from the tower site putting 10 dwellings in the ‘danger zone’.  At 300m range the dose at ‘ground’ level will be approximately double the dose found to induce cancer in rats (Source 4).

No safe distance?
People living and working within a 1km radius would be exposed to radiation levels that studies have demonstrated to increase the likelihood of dying from cancer.  Many of the closely located dwellings are situated at elevations higher than the tower base, bringing these dwellings closer to the 'hot zone' of the antennae radiation cloud.

Based on data from published studies, minimum safe distance for no-effect for this tower should be over 1000m yet Telstra and regulatory bodies choose to ignore this putting profit before human health.  It’s not just health that suffers, market values for properties in close proximity to the site will be negatively impacted by 15 - 50% according to local realtors anecdotal experiences.

Is the governing body deceiving Australians on tower safety?
The governing body ARPANSA's method of producing EME reports uses a very simplified mathematical modelling rather than actual testing of EMF levels in the wider area surrounding a mobile or fixed wireless NBN tower.  Therefore can we trust the standards?

ARPANSA’s Australian RF EME standards came into being in 2002 and are based directly on exposure levels recommended by ICNIRP in 1998.  The ICNIRP standards for RF EME were set at their current levels in 1998, and have not been revised in the 20 years since, they are based on the premise that the only harm microwaves can do to biological tissue is by heating it, despite the growing volume of scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing a variety of harmful non-thermal biological effects and adverse effects at much lower doses delivered over long periods of time.

In 2014, ARPANSA ‘independently’ reviewed the literature published up to 2012, despite the growing body of scientific evidence of potential for harm to the populace it declared the previous ICNIRP exposure levels to be still appropriate and safe.  Is the telecom industry muddying the scientific waters, as occurred with tobacco, asbestos and acid rain.

PLEASE sign our petition and share to help keep communities safe.  Please do help us stop the tower by lodging your opposition in a submission to Joseph Mills at Service Stream by 21 March 2018 via email of letter:

Quote reference: Site No: 2480047
Lillian Rock Road LILLIAN ROCK NSW 2480 

Or via post to: 
Joseph Mills
Service Stream
Level 1,
29 Christie Street,
St. Leonards
NSW 2065

Just a few lines to say that you oppose the tower at Lillian Rock and any tower in the vicinity.

Thank you 

1. Report detailing the exodus of species from the Mt. Nardi area of the Nightcap National Park World Heritage Area during a 15-year period (2000-2015) (2015) Mark Broomhall



4. Chronic exposure of cancer-prone mice to low-level 2450 MHz radiofrequency radiation (6 December 1998) Melvin R. Frei, Rick E. Berger, Steven J. Dusch, Veronica Guel, James R. Jauchem, James H. Merritt, Michael A. Stedham

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