Justice for Quinn

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Quinn Butt's life equates to more than afile number read in court , she was a sparkling little person with boundless energy and spirit. She wasn't put upon this Earth to be taken from it at the age of five. She deserved to grow , !earn and become a productive adult. This however, was taken away .  It's with unexplainable disappointment to have to once again come to you as the public outrage is tremendous at the long overdue wait for justice. In firing  his lawyer , the accused , Trent Butt prolonged the start of trial which was set to begin on March 26. Now the new trial date has been set to March 4th 2019 nearly three years since Quinn's death. Legal aid counsel representing him weren't questioned about the possibility of a sooner date .we know there's a slot open in July at Supreme Court .we cannot accept this lack of concern for the need for justice in this matter . Three years isnt even logical. it is said the wheels of justice move slowly but they're not supposed to stop completely . In the meantime, a family and the majority of the province are frozen ,unable to move forward until there's some resolution .Quinn is an angel now , it is on us as human beings to ensure the rights of this little victim are enforced . We are imploring you to step in on this matter ,exercise your duty to the public and find a way to resolve this case as soon as possible ,not next year .I realize it is a difficult task perhaps but it's in the interest of all involved .the crown prosecutors have worked diligently to bring closure to the family of Quinn Butt we ask that the courts do the same