Unhealthy roads causing damage to our vehicles on road everyday - FIX THE POTHOLES

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As a resident of Birmingham City Council I would like to show my concerns to Birmingham City Council and to all my respected MPs and making a special request to take a serious action on repairing roads around the Birmingham. Majority roads are in very poor conditions and this affecting the vehicles getting driven on road and it's costing the drivers more money to drive on road, which turns into an unpleasant journey and no joy in driving.

Vehicle components are suffering from these issues:

* A serious damage to Alloy wheels

* Tyre are getting affected including Cuts to side wall

* Suspension System

* Tracking System

* Inside the vehicle interior trim and bodypanels start making squeezy noise

Roads around Birmingham and especially all the MAJOR roads needs urgent attention and to be checked on regular basis to prevent from any further damage. We need a high standards of repairs on road.

It's not just an individual's issue, it's an issue which every driver and every resident facing everyday. We would like to see our road tax money getting used to repair the roads on a high standards.

It's not just my voice, it's a voice of people living in Birmingham.