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Allow Lance Armstrong to compete in triathlons

Sign this petition to reverse the World Triathlon Corporation's 'guilty until proven innocent' policy that has illegitimately barred Lance Armstrong from competing in triathlons

After finishing his cycling career in 2010, Lance Armstrong launched his pro triathlon career this year, and has had great success, recently winning two Half Ironman races in two weeks. Already people are noticing. More people are watching the sport, and as a result, more people will get into triathlon. He's poised to revolutionize triathlon the way he did cycling.

But the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) just charged Lance with having doped while competing in the Tour de France from 1998 - 2005. Charges like this are nothing new. In the last decade, Lance has faced incredible scrutiny and over 500 drug tests. He's passed every one, and all charges prior to USADA's have been found false.

However, the WTC rules state that triathletes can't compete while they are under an open investigation. This 'guilty until proven innocent' policy could remove Lance from competing at WTC-owned triathlons for years, robbing the sport of one of the most exciting people to come along in its history. The USADA is insidiously using this loophole to halt Lance's triathlon career with charges that have nothing to do with his triathlon performances. All the while, the WTC is standing by, allowing this political power move by the USADA to go unhindered. Don't let this happen! Sign the petition to get the WTC to protect professional triathletes, like Lance Armstrong, by changing its rules so that baseless allegations don't penalize pro athletes who are competing fairly in the sport of triathlon.

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