Public Ownership of ConEd: Break up the monopoly!

Public Ownership of ConEd: Break up the monopoly!

August 6, 2020
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patrick Bobilin

Tropical Storm Isaias was another reminder of how weak our power grid is. Knocked down lines, brownouts, and complete blackouts don't need to be as common as they've become. It's because ConEd hasn't reinvested in their infrastructure, despite the fact of rising consumer costs.

Part of the reason for ConEd's rising consumer cost is that their parent company National Grid is investing in a fracked gas pipeline through Brooklyn. At a time when two-thirds of Americans want renewable energy, it's clear that ConEd is investing poorly with the money that we pay them.

The tropical storm was relatively mild compared to Hurricane Sandy, but meteorologists have been warning us of the potential for another Sandy each and every year. Another Sandy would obliterate our grid in the most deprived and underserved communities.

We already have an alternative called the New York Power Authority. However, that's owned by ConEd and chocked from growth by the monopolizing power company. State legislation could change that and we could have public power.

What is Public Power?

Municipally owned electric systems offer distinct benefits to their owner-customers, including:

  • Competitive rates
  • Equal or greater reliability
  • Efficient service – lowest cost consistent with reliability, community goals, and sound business practices
  • Responsiveness to customer concerns – every citizen is an owner with a direct say in policies
  • Improved local government efficiency and collaboration through sharing of personnel, equipment, and supplies
  • Emphasis on long-term community goals
  • Quick response from crews located in the community
  • Not-for-profit status – no split allegiance between customers and stockholders
  • A greater portion of revenues stay in the community
  • Local employment

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If you care about: inequality, accountability, and a health planet -- you care about public power.

What We're Demanding

We demand public control over our power grid.

We demand an investment in infrastructure that modernizes the system.

We demand electricity as a basic human right for all New Yorkers.

Signing this petition also signs you up for emails from Patrick Bobilin for New York, a State Assembly campaign fighting for publicly-owned utilities.

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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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