Against NYS Realtors to be deemed as Essential Service Providers during Pandemic

Against NYS Realtors to be deemed as Essential Service Providers during Pandemic

April 2, 2020
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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and 2 others
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Started by Helen Tzelios

As NYS realtors we were notified by NYSAR and The ESD that we MAY be classified as essential service providers .  
We ask that you please agree with all of us that it is essential as Realtors we also, keep our families and communities safe as all other independent contractors.  We should have to observe the same guidelines as all other independent contractors in NYS.   

 I am sure you will agree, It is NOT essential to carry and possibly spread this virus, or risk getting sick to put together deals that will sit idol for months! Many of us have pending deals that are going nowhere at the moment. Our deals are NOT essential for immediate survival as are food, medicine, medical care and delivery services are. 
As you know, it is impossible to get supplies that we would need to keep us safe.  We do not have access to vendors who will IMMEDIATELY supply us with necessary supplies we would need to stay safe such as N95 masks, and or face-shields, hand sanitizers, wipes digital thermometers etc.. Nor should we be using them instead of the health professionals in our area. You recently ordered that parks and playgrounds close,  yet The EDC and NYSAR are pushing for  REALTORS to open doors to peoples homes?!! while exercising precautions ? via the use of virtual tours.   Don't you believe this is contradicting your guidelines?  Are we expected to force condo and coops developments to change their current house rules and policies to give us, as well as appraisers, engineers and photographers access to their properties as non residents who may possibly expose residents in multifamily dwellings to this virus we may bring in with us as carriers?  

Many seniors also live in these types of properties.  Do you recommend us have access into Senior communities and or nursing homes ?? if not why peoples residences? 

Because you as well as city officials were   concerned about the spread of the COVID -19 virus in prisons, prisoners who were burglars and rapists were set free in our streets in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19! yet As realtors we would be contradicting these plans to minimize the soread and flatten the curve.  We are expressing our concern  for ourselves as realtors our families, our clients, customers and residents. 

We ask that you have the same consideration and concerns you had for the contained prisoners that were set free to spread COVID -19 to the NYS hardworking law abiding tax paying citizens?!! 
Realtors working during the peak of this pandemic   will NOT help keep the RE market afloat at this time. People who were buyers 1 month ago, no longer qualify to buy today because they either lost their jobs, businesses or favorable credit scores.

Very few buyers want to go out to view homes now, as well as engineers, photographers, appraisers, attorneys etc.. We all would prefer to stay safe by staying home to save lives!!, very few properties on the market are vacant and or brand new unoccupied developments, in which a virtual tour option is as effective to procure a sale as the tradition method of realtor accompanied visits to the properties were. Most older resale properties in our market areas in which the contract terms include caveat emptor and  sold is as is terms would most likely not transpire to a closed sale or a lease where move-out and move-ins are permitted at this time . Physical inspections by buyers, banks, and engineers would be necessary to make this happen even with a virtual tour. 

New York is the epicenter of the spread of this virus, this is why we were sent a naval floating hospital and you guys are making demands for additional resources to help NYS and NYC.  Why would the feds be expected to help us, if NY local  officials make decisions that do not control the spread through out NYS or NYC?

Many realtors feel that as essential service providers they would be  excluded  from benefitting from collecting  unemployment Insurance.  

Please clarify all these constantly changing guidelines and base the UI eligibility requirements to RE Brokers who have had consistent income  from sales for the last five years and have proven pending transactions in which were lost or on hold resulting in a loss of income for more  than 30 days as a result of COVID-19. 

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