Volleyball should NOT be classified as a high risk sport - LET US PLAY!

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New York State Department of Health has classified volleyball as a high risk sport resulting in the Governor of NY excluding the sport from starting competition on September 21st while allowing higher contact sports, such as soccer and field hockey, to resume competition. 

Sign this petition to tell Governor Cuomo that volleyball is no higher risk than other sports he is allowing to play. Soccer and field hockey both involve face to face, physical contact of competing players leaning up against or pushing off of one another.

Volleyball is non-contact, you never touch a player from the other team, and can implement many safety practices to keep players, coaches and officials safe. We easily could change out the ball for a sanitized ball every few points; complete health checks before games; wash hands between sets; wear masks when on the sideline meaning only 6 players would not be masked at any time - far less than a soccer team; and even make the net a physical clear barrier if needed (they sell plastic net covers!) 

My name is Cassie Thayse and I am a Junior at Penfield High School. Too much is being said about playing by everyone BUT the players. We want to play. We would love to travel and have our parents in the stands and big crowds, but at the end of the day, we just want to play. My team will be returning 8 senior players. If we can’t figure out a way to play this fall, they won’t get the final season they’ve been preparing for for over 6 years. Many of them may loose out on recruiting opportunities that will impact their long term future. 

We want to play. I know we can figure out how to play safely starting September 21st with all the other fall sports who have higher ACTUAL instances of physical contact than volleyball. Please let us wear our school jerseys and have our seniors rep one last time.