Veteran Peer Support, Joseph P Dywer project

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Veteran Peer Support, Joseph P Dywer Veteran Peer Support Program

Stalled by Federal and State Elected Officials


Our Veterans, families and service members need your help. The Joseph P. Dwyer Veteran Peer Support Program was put in place to support our Veteran community by providing them with resources they need. This is a critical peer resource that has been proven to work. This program provides Veterans, family, and service members with activities that bring them together, it also saves lives, assists in crisis, and gives them a light to turn to in their darkest hours. This grant is UTILIZED THOUGHOUT NEW YORK STATE by many organizations. THOUSANDS of Veterans will lose access to this program if the funds are not released!  

Again, these funds have not been distributed, and are being withheld statewide. In fact, the funds may be in jeopardy of not being released at all. We need your help! Enough is enough! Please sign this petition and show Governor Cuomo our Veterans deserve access to this critical resource. The pandemic has affected us all, taking away or delaying this critical resource is putting the lives of our brave men and women at risk when they need us most. THIS GRANT AFFECTS THOUSANDS of Veterans, service members, and their families STATEWIDE !

               The Dwyer Program funding enables Veteran peer specialists to provide their military colleagues with non-clinical support. This includes support groups, social groups, wellness programs, career/employment transition programs, financial literacy strategies, writing workshops and a host of other activities and trainings; all of which are free to any participant.  The goal of the Dwyer Program is to help Veterans successfully reintegrate into civilian life.

What many do not realize… The Joseph P. Dwyer Project is utilized in 24 counties throughout New York. It is considered discretionary and is put on the state budgets chopping block almost annually. Held hostage by individuals trying to leverage policy at the cost of our Veteran community. New York state’s Budget: 150.1 Billion Dollars. The Joseph P. Dwyers Projects total budget for 24 counties: less then 4 million. This program operates successfully with minimal funding. The Veterans and community members that support this program are passionate and dedicated. Even now with ZERO funding released, these people are serving our Veterans, many spending their personal funds to assist these veterans in need. Please help us give our local politicians the tools they need by signing this petition! It will show our leadership their constituents believe in the program. It will enable them to have the funds released and ensure the funds are no longer considered discretionary.